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Thanks bro! [x]


Thanks bro! [x]

so who wants to join the nub club

Lol what's some characteristic traits of a fuck boy?! 💁


a fuck boy

  • complains about stretch marks or pubic hair 
  • his tumblr archive is a sea of racially ambiguous women and pictures of weed
  • expects u to suck him up for like 5 hours but eats u out for like 2 seconds
  • his twitter and instagram is full of transphobic and misogynistic shit
  • he does music and it’s garbage but he swears that he got bars
  • he texts u shit like ‘when u gone see me?’ or ‘send me a pic’
  • he got that fuck boy hair cut 


[A collection of teacups and matching saucers with a shared peacock motif. The bird’s head, neck and body form the handle; the tailfeathers are painted on the sides of the cup and then fan out behind, peeling away from the cylinder of the cup petal-like. The handles of the spoons look like a single feather.]

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*elementary school*

kid 1: whatcha doing

kid 2: eating chocolate

kid 1: where’d ya get it

kid 2: doggy dropped it

*8 years later*

me: they were eating poop


"how old are you?"

"It’s a secret :3"

"aiight so either 12 or 40 got it"